Abbott Exceeds Profit Estimates with Strong Medical Device Sales

Abbott Exceeds Profit Estimates with Strong Medical Device Sales

April 18, 2024: In a positive development for investors, Abbott Laboratories, a leading healthcare company, surpassed analysts’ expectations for quarterly profits. This achievement was credited to a significant surge in sales within the medical device sector.

Abbott’s financial performance for the first quarter, ending March 31st, 2024, revealed a company-wide revenue of $9.96 billion. This figure exceeded analyst predictions of $9.88 billion. On an adjusted basis, Abbott reported a quarterly profit of 98 cents per share, outperforming the average analyst estimate of 95 cents per share.

The primary driver behind Abbott’s robust financial performance was a marked increase in medical device sales. The company recorded total medical device sales of $4.45 billion, exceeding analyst expectations of $4.30 billion. A particularly noteworthy contributor to this growth was Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring device, which generated sales of $1.5 billion.

This upsurge in medical device sales can be attributed, in part, to a recent trend. With the COVID-19 pandemic receding, there has been a corresponding rise in demand for previously delayed medical procedures. This includes joint replacements and other surgeries that are reliant on Abbott’s medical device technology.

Abbott’s positive performance is not limited to exceeding quarterly profits. The company also revised its full-year profit forecast upwards. Previously, Abbott anticipated full-year earnings per share to range between $4.50 and $4.70. Due to the strong first-quarter results, the company has increased the lower end of that range to $4.55 per share, with the upper end remaining unchanged.

However, it is important to note that Abbott’s stock price experienced a slight decline of 3% during morning trading on the day the news was announced. This dip suggests that some investors might have been disappointed that the upward revision to the full-year forecast was not more substantial.

Overall, Abbott’s first-quarter performance reflects a positive trend within the healthcare sector. The company’s ability to capitalize on the rising demand for medical devices positions it for continued growth in the coming months.


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