Thomasina M. Ivy

President & CEO

Building a Foundation for Success | Thomasina M. Ivy | TMI Consulting

Thomasina M. Ivy, President & CEO, TMI Consulting, is a visionary leader who leads by example. She has built TMI Consulting on core values that guide how the company does business. TMI’s core values encompass innovation, quality, integrity, and impact. The key to innovation begins with hiring a diverse workforce with various experiences, backgrounds, and work approaches that ultimately create a better solution for the clients. Thomasina encourages employees, who are TMI’s #1 Asset, to bring the most innovative approaches to their services through constant training, development, and research. This is evident based on the company’s culture and commitment to making significant investments in employees’ education and professional development.

TMI brings excellence to all that they do.

The company commits to going above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients and deliver results that foster continual improvement. Based on our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System, this is critical for delivering repeatable processes. We use innovation as the foundation of everything that we do! At TMI, we know that longevity is all about being able to become true partners with clients and being able to make an impact on their operations. This means focusing on customer’s missions, understand their pain points, and ultimately becoming a trusted partner.”

TMI as a nationwide service provider—works to positively impact every community in which it does business, providing training, job opportunities, and giving back. They strive to create economic opportunity for historically underutilized communities and work daily to grow corporate citizenship. TMI is the “Small Company with a Big Heart,” being led by a steadfast leader. 

Thomasina believes in being an example for other female business owners. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and an MBA from Concordia University. She has completed various Management and Entrepreneur training programs, including being an active member of the esteem Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Business Program, explaining to inspiring female leaders that ongoing education is essential to success. Thomasina also uses invaluable resources such as years of internal experience and extensive networks to provide support for other up-and-coming female leaders! Thomasina is currently a mentor for Wisconsin Women Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) and Mercy Corporation and has teamed up with the Wisconsin Small Business Development Network to assist female business owners in Wisconsin to pivot and grow their businesses despite The Pandemic.

The pioneering leader inspires and empowers team members to become great leaders of tomorrow. Thomasina ensures that future leaders know the difference between being a great Manager versus a great Leader. Great managers know how to get projects done, but great leaders know how to inspire and lead others to get things done. She is inspiring future leaders in her company by providing coaching and encouraging them to take the initiative to lead the company’s projects, processes, and community engagements. With a rigorous hiring process and significant investment in employees’ education and professional development, Thomasina states, “We know we have hired talented people. We must give them the platform and abilities to grow and demonstrate their leadership skills.

Within three years of beginning the firm, Thomasina and her team were able to find success upon entering the federal marketplace and landing their first federal prime contract. “What I’ve found is the success formula is the commitment to the three critical pillars employees, community, and clients. Focusing on those three areas has enabled TMI Consulting to thrive,” elucidates Thomasina. The company has grown from a startup launched 21 years ago to a nationwide, award-winning service provider with an impressive roster of clients from the federal, state, and local government and commercial companies.

“On my journey, I have learned two valuable lessons. The first is to do what you love, invest in yourself to be the best at what you do and success will follow. The second is that outstanding leaders are great listeners that have excellent people skills who know when to lean in,” explains Thomasina. “This means hiring talented people that bring different skillset and perspectives to the leader and giving them the platform and abilities to execute. However, this leader must have the capabilities to lean in and be a coach, if the talent is off its target.”

The company’s most significant achievements to date are building and scaling a highly successful consulting firm with impact and quality services that our customers can depend on. This is based on their winning formula—start by developing an astute understanding of our customers’ needs and motivations, and then get the employees on board by driving for performance and aligning them around the goal of value creation and establishing accountability and repeatable processes using management systems.

Thomasina has exciting plans for the future. She plans to use her extensive business knowledge and networks to continue to support female entrepreneurs. She also plans to continue supporting and participating in causes that support economically disadvantaged populations and young women in STEM and become an active force in transforming the educational system responsible for developing the future workforce. Thomasina is committed to the continued growth of TMI Consulting and has led the built out of a robust roadmap to support this commitment. Thomasina says, “The company is in the midst of exciting change and will soon implement strategies that further invigorate TMI, continue to differentiate our customer solutions, and confirm our dedication to employee development and quality services.”  Thomasina believes this can all be accomplished by continuing to surround herself with a dynamic and diverse team.

“We use innovation as the foundation of everything that we do! At TMI, we know that longevity is all about being able to become true partners with clients and being able to make an impact on their operations. “

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