Citi Bullish on Boeing Stock Amid Strong Airline Campaigns

Citi Bullish on Boeing Stock Amid Strong Airline Campaigns

June 6, 2024: Financial services giant Citigroup has expressed renewed confidence in Boeing (NYSE: BA) stock, citing recent developments within the airline industry. This positive outlook is underpinned by a surge in aircraft purchasing campaigns undertaken by several major international airlines.

On Wednesday, a Citi analyst reaffirmed a “buy” rating for Boeing stock, accompanied by a price target of $224. This endorsement comes in the wake of reports detailing significant aircraft orders placed by airlines. Turkish Airlines reportedly seeks to acquire roughly 250 new planes, while Qatar Airways has expressed interest in approximately 200 aircraft. Additionally, Flyadeal, a low-cost carrier in Saudi Arabia, is said to be in the market for 20 new planes.

Citi’s analyst believes that most of these orders will likely be directed toward Boeing’s wide-body aircraft models, specifically the 787 and 777. While Airbus’s A350 is also expected to garner interest, Boeing is positioned to benefit substantially from this potential influx of orders.

The certification and subsequent production ramp-up of Boeing’s wide-body jets are anticipated to significantly bolster the company’s free cash flow (FCF). The analyst forecasts this growth will surpass Boeing’s long-standing target of $10 billion. These projections underscore a potentially positive trajectory for Boeing’s financial performance in the coming years.

Citi’s optimistic outlook on Boeing stock aligns with the broader sentiment within the aerospace industry. The industry is paying close attention to production and delivery schedules, focusing on Boeing’s progress on wide-body aircraft. The analyst’s projections, therefore, contribute to a more positive perspective on Boeing’s future financial health.

It is important to note that the airline industry remains susceptible to various external factors, including fluctuations in fuel prices and global economic conditions. Nonetheless, the recent surge in aircraft orders suggests a degree of optimism among airlines regarding future passenger demand. This, in turn, translates to potential benefits for Boeing’s production output and overall financial performance.

In conclusion, Citi’s renewed confidence in Boeing stock reflects the positive impact of recent airline purchasing campaigns. The anticipated increase in demand for Boeing’s wide-body aircraft, coupled with the potential for exceeding free cash flow targets, paints a promising picture for the company’s future. However, ongoing monitoring of external factors influencing the airline industry remains crucial for a comprehensive assessment of Boeing’s long-term prospects.


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