Flash Floods Devastate Northeastern States; Swift Boat Rescues Save Lives.

Flash Floods Devastate Northeastern States; Swift Boat Rescues Save Lives.

July 11, 2023: Severe flash floods wreaked havoc in Vermont and New York, causing widespread damage and endangering residents. The torrential downpours resulted in road washouts, overwhelmed rivers, and tragically claimed a woman’s life swept away in front of her fiancé.

The National Weather Service issued flood watches and warnings for over 13 million Americans across Eastern New York State, Boston, and Western Maine. The storms began over the weekend, leading to extensive flooding of rivers and streams.

Based on their evaluation method, private forecaster AccuWeather estimates that the damages and economic losses could range from $3 billion to $5 billion.

The heavy rains also disrupted air travel, with over 1,000 flights to and from regional airports, including LaGuardia in New York and Logan in Boston, being delayed or canceled.

The impact on transportation extended to train services as well. Amtrak suspended its passenger train operations between Albany and New York City due to flood damage to the tracks. The Metro-North commuter railroad, which shares the same track, also halted its services.

The states most affected by the floods were New York and Vermont. Vermont officials described the flooding as the worst since Hurricane Irene struck the state as a tropical storm in 2011.

Rescue operations played a crucial role in saving lives. Around 50 isolated individuals were rescued by swift boats in Vermont. The rising floodwaters posed risks to cities like Montpelier, the state capital, and officials urged residents to stay vigilant and seek higher ground promptly.

New York also experienced significant rainfall, with over 8 inches recorded in the town of Stormville, located Northeast of New York City. 

Tragically, a woman in Orange County lost her life while attempting to evacuate her home. Governor Kathy Hochul expressed her condolences and emphasized the severity of the situation.

The aftermath of the storms revealed extensive damage, with washed-out roads and houses surrounded by raging floodwaters. The region faced a critical situation, and the response involved multiple rescue teams and helicopters from the Vermont and New Hampshire National Guards.

As the floods continue to pose a threat, it is crucial for residents to closely monitor weather updates, heed evacuation warnings, and prioritize personal safety. The Northeast is expected to experience a temporary respite from heavy rain before another round of significant rainfall is forecasted later in the week.

Key Takeaways:

  • Severe flash floods struck Vermont and New York, resulting in widespread devastation.
  • Road washouts, overwhelmed rivers, and tragic casualties occurred due to the torrential downpours.
  • More than 13 million Americans were under flood watches and warnings in the affected region.
  • Air travel and train services experienced disruptions, with numerous flights and train routes being delayed or canceled.
  • Swiftboat rescues played a vital role in saving isolated individuals in Vermont.
  • The aftermath revealed significant damage and the need for continued vigilance as further rainfall is expected.


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