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Helping Small Business Reach their True Potential | Lawrence Pross | Fundamental Capital

Keeping a small business going is not for the weak of hearts. While 80% of businesses with fewer than 500 employees make it through Year 1, says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, just 70% are still functioning at the end of the second year. By the time they reach the five-year mark, just half of the small companies are still in business.

Nearly half of those small-business owners who close their doors point to a lack of funds. The reason is simple: insufficient money was being generated to pay employees or cover other expenses. Since 2007, Fundamental Capital has partnered with small business owners in almost every industry to bring them out of debt towards a healthy business venture. Known for its ability to develop custom-tailored financing solutions, the company truly wants to help small businesses thrive.

“I don’t want to see any business lose their potential or shut their doors owing to lack of capital. We assist small business owners all over the U.S. solve their financial problems. If you are a small business owner, we’ll work with you to secure the fast, flexible funding you need,” says Lawrence Pross, Founder, and CEO, of Fundamental Capital. “If you’re running your business with an assumption that there will be sufficient money in the bank to pay the bills at the end of the month, it will not take long to intersperse with more debt and financial challenges than you can handle.”

As per Nav’s Small Business American Dream Gap Report, one in five business proprietors who applied for funding during the last five years was rejected, and 82% of all the business owners interviewed didn’t know how to interpret their companies’ credit scores. The research also indicates that individuals who better comprehend their business credit scores are 41% more likely to be sanctioned for a loan. A shortage of working capital is a problem for firms of any size, but it can be especially detrimental for smaller entities with more infrequent resources.

Entrepreneurs are befittingly proud of launching their way to success, so it’s not uncommon for business owners to take on debt to start their businesses. Despite there being such a metier as too much business debt. Perhaps they ran up too much money on a personal credit card, or possibly their local banker unfurled a line of credit that’s now used up and controlling a high-interest rate.

Whichever debt feature was tapped into, these conditions can have significant short- and long-term effects on the company. For instance, it can take time for a company’s positive cash flow to begin, and in the meantime, there are workers, suppliers, and overhead to pay.

Today, fewer banks and other traditional lending institutions are willing to provide financing to small businesses. When they do, they may need a personal guarantee and a fixed payment schedule, which will probably take months to decide. That does not work for every business. “We are unique! At Fundamental Capital, we comprehend that your business has unique needs, and we’ll work with you to secure the fast, flexible funding you need,” adds Lawrence.

Fundamental Capital offers funding solutions tailored according to a particular business’s needs. Lawrence and his team start by identifying areas where a client can reduce costs. From subletting an unused space to reevaluating the workforce, Fundamental Capital will look at every inch of the problem. Stay connected with your customers and seek ways to increase your exposure and improve your business model and thus your revenue. Alongside, Fundamental Capital offers creative financing options, from a fast, flexible small business line of credit that can put a client in control of their cash flow. Clients can draw from their line of credit whenever they want, up to their maximum amount. The difference that Fundamental Capital offers is paying interest only on the amount a client has borrowed, not their entire line. The company makes it easier for smaller businesses by starting the payments when the client receives his payments, all while charging no upfront fees, monthly maintenance fees, no prepayment fees, or account closure fees. “Your business line of credit can be used for anything – no strings attached. You can draw on it anytime with a click of a button. As you make repayments, your credit line replenishes. You can spend up to your line of credit, repay it, and spend it again in a never-ending cycle,” explains Lawrence. 

Fundamental Capital also provides reverse consolidation where a client can potentially lower their current daily or weekly payments by as much as 30-40%. Every week, the company will deposit enough cash into the client’s account to cover the daily or weekly payments of their existing cash advances or loans. This gives a business the money they need to keep its business running. “We look into a client’s previous payment history and business health rather than their credit score before starting this program. It is simple and helps them be in control of their situation,” elucidates Lawrence.

It is pertinent to mention that Fundamental Capital assists the client in guiding a client toward contacting their lenders and working with them to lower the interest rates or restructure their repayment options. The company also tries to consolidate a business loan into one payment, which results in reduced monthly costs without negatively affecting the credit score.

In the days to come, Lawrence wants to expand his offerings and help as many small businesses pan-America because he understands the agonies of these business owners. He wants to simplify their lives by offering the best solutions. “I want to ensure that the clients can concentrate on what they do best, innovating and growing their business, in the best way they can,” adds Lawrence.

“I don’t want to see anyone lose their business, due to lack of capital. We help small business owners all over the U.S. solve their financial problems.”

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