George J. Mavrookas

Founder & CEO

Leading with Love & Care | George J. Mavrookas | Agape Behavioral Healthcare

The morals and core values of George Mavrookas are displayed throughout his company, Agape Behavioral Healthcare. It’s extremely refreshing to see those qualities shine through the organization as a whole, and it truly starts from the top. George displays some of the qualities that have helped transform this company such as his leadership and ability to share time with his team, teach and pour into others. George is all about culture and connection, and this shows that the company has the opportunity to serve both the team and the community. His commitment and dedication to building the team and adding to the business. His resilience and ability to face adversity objectively, with the constant mindset of solutions, have allowed his institute to blossom into something so magnificent.

Opportunity is a blessing that can be poured into those focused on establishing themselves in this field, and George is a major advocate for promoting within the organization. George is always sending or showing the people who work for him different learning tools and material that will help them grow professionally and personally. Generating ideas is a big part of this steadfast leader’s life, and George not only carves out time for himself to dream and tap into his creativity but also holds intentional space with his key players to brainstorm and mastermind. He is mindful about what he consumes, reads daily, and stays on top of the newest and latest. Because of this, it is easy for him to generate new ideas. He also deliberately looks at what’s working versus what’s not and creates ways to improve. He thinks in a way where there is no ceiling. Someone says it can’t be done, he says “I’ll show you” small example of his positive, big thinking attitude.

George has always been able to meet individuals where they were at; he’s adopted the ability to introduce a safe space in the most impactful way, and he provides his team with a family-like atmosphere that feels comfortable. George practices authenticity and encourages the ability to be vulnerable, which allows staff to feel supported, and as a chain reaction, love is felt by the patients.

Providing the Difference

Agape Behavioral Healthcare, is based out of South Florida, has comprehensive treatment plans which include multiple levels of care, and has three unique facilities that can serve individual needs. Agape Behavioral Healthcare is the original location based in Fort Lauderdale and is able to address Substance Abuse or Mental Health needs for all Outpatient Levels of Care. Their second location Agape Detox Center focuses on Substance Abuse and Alcohol Use Disorders, in a luxurious inpatient medical setting. Their third location Agape Behavioral Center, is an inpatient mental health facility that specializes in co-occurring disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and underlying traumas in a residential Level of care set to open the third quarter of 2022. They provide individuals all over the country with the opportunity to achieve the gift of lasting sobriety. Their evidence-driven therapy and counseling methods are based on a belief that each and every individual is worth living a joyous and rewarding life free from the bondage of addiction. A comprehensive treatment plan is given to every patient that includes multiple levels of care (partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient program, or IOP drug rehab and outpatient). They offer a full spectrum of mental health services guided by a team of world-class addiction specialists.

“Experience the difference with AGAPE Treatment Center’s drug rehab in South Florida: A Behavioral Healthcare Program focused on a twelve-step rehabilitation program created solely for the purpose of saving lives from the grip of chemical dependency, substance abuse, mental health disorders, co-occurring disorders, and alcoholism.”

By implementing love, quality care, exceptional service, and world-class specialists, Agape Behavioral Healthcare clients can receive 1 of a kind care and a family atmosphere one cannot find anywhere else. Agape Behavioral Healthcare is committed to staff development, culture, team building, consistently improving the institute by examining what’s working and what’s not, making changes when needed, and constantly trying to be better than the day before.

Solution Based Approach

As an institute, Agape Behavioral Healthcare implements the ability to stay solution-based; George has instilled within his institute that no problem needs attention, rather than a solution that needs to be found. Due to their practice of this, the institute can tackle things head-on and operate successfully as a whole. “When I think about success I think of my team because we collectively share these accomplishments. I feel honored and privileged to see individuals on my team grow within their roles, and having a hand in that success,” says George. “I spend a lot of time working and building this institute, so our institute continues to thrive and grow. When I am not working, I spend majority of my time with my son, Leonidas trying to instil the same core values into him that I put into my foundation. Life is short, so spending my time with Leonidas and loved ones, going to church, and relaxing with a cigar is what makes me happy.”

George chooses to see every day as an opportunity to be a better version of himself and inspires Team Agape to do the same. George also has a natural ability to quickly identify the strengths of his team and makes decisions / moves based off a strengths-based perspective. Being the CEO/Owner, he has to make constant decisions, but he has done an excellent job leading and empowering his team to feel empowered in their own decision making.

It is pertinent to mention that Agape Behavioral Healthcare is expanding even more. They have recently opened their substance abuse detox and residential facility and are proud to announce the opening of their new mental health inpatient residential facility. “This is exciting for us as an institute, to be able to provide a full continuum of care for our patients that is specifically targeted to address each individual’s needs.” Agape means Love, and George and his team set a bar and standard for what individuals in this industry need to heal, their core values of love and compassion, and unmatched will to be better and bring better to not only the clients but to the staff from top to bottom, is what makes Agape Behavioral Healthcare so unique and is their contributing factor to their success.

Caring for Everyone’s Development

George wakes up every day and consciously tries to learn something new. It is believed that if he isn’t learning, he isn’t living. He surrounds himself with the inspired, the passionate, and the motivated. He is intentional about what he consumes – focusing only on what will offer him the highest value and the opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. George spends time reading and attending conferences to expand his knowledge and skillset.

Being a motivating leader, he always asks those in his team or around him to read daily. “Pick up a book that you wouldn’t necessarily think could benefit you, step outside of your comfort zone. Listen to podcasts. Be willing to be vulnerable. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you,” he elucidates. “Great books for new leaders: 1) Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki 2) The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch, 3) Start why Why by Simon Sinek. Another recommendation – follow any of Dr. Joe Dispenzas work – create resource to help shift thinking and step into your power.”

George lives in an inspiring and inviting way for others to create a work-life balance. This is something that he promotes on the Agape team, and he encourages self-care. His commitment to being an all-around better human shows that there is a way to live balanced in mind, body, and spirit, keeping God number #1. He is a dedicated, fantastic dad to his son; he is an inspiring leader to the Agape team and an overall great person. He shares that he uses thoughtful planning and holds his boundaries, allowing for a work-life balance. It’s also important to highlight that George’s work is his life and his life is his work – in other words, he is living his life’s work – it all embodies his values as a person, but he lives in a way where yes, it’s all one but there is still space in between. He is living his purpose, making work-life balance easy and JOYFUL!

” By implementing love and quality care, exceptional service, and world-class specialists, Agape Behavioral Healthcare clients can receive 1 of a kind care and a family atmosphere one cannot find anywhere else. “

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