Mitsubishi Electric Launches NEXIEZ-Fit Elevator

Mitsubishi Electric Launches NEXIEZ-Fit Elevator

May 28, 2024: Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions Corporation (MEBS) has announced the launch of the NEXIEZ-Fit elevator, a new product specifically designed for low-rise residential buildings. This development caters to the growing demand for such buildings, particularly in regions experiencing rapid urbanization.

The NEXIEZ-Fit builds upon the established platform of the NEXIEZ-MRL Ver.2, MEBS’s premium elevator model used in high-end sectors like luxury hotels and office buildings. However, the NEXIEZ-Fit streamlines the design and construction process for low-rise applications.

This optimization is achieved through several key features. Firstly, MEBS has reviewed shipping patterns and implemented adjustments to improve installation efficiency. Secondly, the NEXIEZ-Fit reduces the on-site welding required, further expediting the construction timeline. These modifications are achieved while maintaining the safety and reliability that are hallmarks of Mitsubishi elevators.

Beyond construction efficiency, the NEXIEZ-Fit offers additional benefits for building owners and residents. The carefully selected specifications provide a cost-effective solution for low-rise applications. The NEXIEZ-Fit can be optionally equipped with M’s BRIDGE™, a global remote maintenance service that monitors elevator performance and provides valuable data for proactive maintenance practices.

The launch of the NEXIEZ-Fit reflects MEBS’s commitment to cater to diverse market needs. While the NEXIEZ-MRL Ver.2 remains the company’s flagship elevator model for premium segments, the NEXIEZ-Fit offers a compelling option for low-rise residential buildings. This strategic product launch positions MEBS to capture a wider elevator market share.

The growing demand for low-rise residential buildings is driven by several factors. In regions experiencing rapid urbanization, there is a need for high-density housing solutions. Additionally, a growing population opts for smaller living spaces, particularly in urban areas. The NEXIEZ-Fit elevator is well-suited to cater to these evolving market trends.

In conclusion, introducing the NEXIEZ-Fit elevator signifies a strategic expansion within the Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions product portfolio. This new model, designed for low-rise residential buildings, offers a cost-effective and efficient solution while maintaining the company’s high standards for quality and reliability.


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