SkyDrive Initiates Construction of Initial eVTOL Model

SkyDrive Initiates Construction of Initial eVTOL Model

March 13, 2024: Japanese flying car developer SkyDrive has initiated a crucial step towards realizing its vision for urban air mobility. The company recently announced the commencement of construction on the very first prototype of its SD-05 eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft.

This development signifies a significant milestone for SkyDrive, marking the tangible transition from design and planning to physical creation. The SD-05 is envisioned as a three-seater eVTOL designed for personal and commercial applications.

The construction process is being undertaken in collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation, a prominent Japanese automaker. Suzuki is leveraging its manufacturing expertise to establish a dedicated production line for the SD-05 prototype at its factory in Iwata City. This partnership highlights the growing convergence between traditional automotive companies and the burgeoning eVTOL industry.

The production facility boasts the capacity to assemble up to 100 SD-05 aircraft annually, laying the groundwork for future mass production. However, SkyDrive emphasizes that the immediate focus remains on completing the prototype in time for the 2025 Osaka World Expo.

Participation in the World Expo presents an opportunity for SkyDrive to showcase the SD-05’s capabilities and garner public interest in eVTOL technology. Additionally, it will allow the company to secure the necessary permits for conducting public test flights within Japan.

While specific details regarding the construction timeline haven’t been disclosed, SkyDrive has confirmed its commitment to achieving provisional airworthiness approval for the SD-05 by the time of the World Expo. This signifies a critical step towards ensuring the aircraft meets rigorous safety standards established by regulatory authorities.

The successful construction and certification of the SD-05 prototype will pave the way for further development and testing. SkyDrive envisions a future where eVTOLs revolutionize urban transportation, offering efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for short-distance travel within congested cities.

Looking ahead, the progress of SkyDrive’s SD-05 program will be closely monitored within the eVTOL industry. The successful completion of the prototype and its performance during test flights will be instrumental in determining the viability of SkyDrive’s vision for urban air mobility.

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