Jonathan M. Ybañez

Leadership Coach

Jonathan M. Ybañez

Jonathan is a Veteran and his experiences include over 24 years in a Fortune 50 company serving in leadership and Human Resources roles. As an active member of Maxwell Leadership, he lives and teaches on the principle that “Leadership is Parenting, Parenting is Leadership”. Jonathan’s greatest achievement is being a family man celebrating over 33 years of marriage. All these experiences continue to shape his expertise in Leadership Development, Personal Growth, Team and Relational Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, and Effective Communication.

A licensed and certified consultant, coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with Maxwell Leadership, Jonathan serves an international audience delivering inspiring and practical steps in creating full lives and empowered cultures. He believes we all have the power to realize our dreams and desires.
Jonathan holds that every one of us is the author of our story that we call “Life”. One of his favorite mantras is, “If you’re searching for that ONE special person who can change your life forever, look in the mirror … What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create!”

Jonathan is mentored and coached by John C. Maxwell who is a best-selling author of over 16M books and recognized as the top leadership and management expert in the world. With his diverse experience working in various industries, he is equipped to help you and your organization reach new heights of success and significance.

Discover the Leader within You!

360° Leadership

Is the quality of your relationships (personal or professional) not at the levels you desire it to be? Are you having too many difficult conversations that sometimes escalate into drama?
Do you find it challenging getting people to fulfill their roles and responsibilities?

The quality of your life truly depends on the quality of your relationships. I’ve found through my years of experience and practice that “Communication” is the essence that drives healthy and productive relationships. We all yearn to create strong bonds … our “Connection” brings meaning to relationships. Many of my sessions involve Workplace Conflict Resolution, Managing Up, Communication Style Conflicts, Work Style Differences — all pertaining to situations where people with pure intentions, were simply not seeing eye-to-eye. This leads to strained relationships, underperformance, and a deterioration of mutual trust.

“We can trace the successes and failures in our lives through our relationships”

What I’m going to share is a way to bridge the gap of “Disconnection”. Too many times, we operate on assumptions along with unclear or even unrealistic expectations in our relationships. In any interaction and engagement, our goal is to always endeavor to “Communicate and Connect”.

“Leadership is Influence” ~ John C. Maxwell
This is about “Leadership” and I want to emphasize that we are ALL “Leaders” of our lives. Regardless of your role as a CEO, a manager, an individual contributor, or parent … Leadership starts from within. We must lead ourselves first before we can expect to influence others. People will not wholeheartedly follow one that does not lead their own lives.

John Maxwell cites that a 360° Leader is an individual who exhibits leadership influence from all directions within an organization, regardless of their formal position or authority.

For this teaching, I will expound on the practice of becoming a 360º Leader as one that inspires, influences, and effectively manages relationships at all levels (Managing up, across, and down). And this certainly applies to our personal relationships as well.

“The 360° Leadership Process”
Our effectiveness as a leader requires establishing relationships built on a foundation of trust. Having clarity on our roles and responsibilities through “Expectation Setting” is essential in every relationship where there is a reliance of performance. 

This very important step allows us to conduct more meaningful conversations on business strategy, tactical efficiency as well as performance standards that leads to productive dialogue for positive outcomes. Also creating an environment supporting organic “Feedback Exchange ” as a cultural norm leads to proactive communications for greater efficiencies and higher quality results, while minimizing the need to have difficult conversations.

“Expectations drives Performance”
1. Setting Expectations – Exchanging very clear and specific expectations creates a solid foundation for thriving relationships because in doing so, provides mutual understanding in the performance of each other’s roles and responsibilities. This leads to reliability (the quality of being trustworthy and performing consistently well) and accountability.
2. Mindset and Attitude – Instill confidence by remembering people want to know these three things from you:
  ⦁ Do you value me?
  ⦁ Will you help me?
  ⦁ Can I trust you?
3. “Connection” is the lifeblood for Communication. As leaders, we are authentic and vulnerable to keep relationships real. Always operate on mutual respect and approach every relationship with humility, regardless of each other’s title or position. Authenticity is a Trust accelerator!
4. Start with small talk and uncover their “Why”. Ask people what they care about, motivations, passions, values, as well as their aspirations. Equipped with this knowledge, inspire and support them as it relates to their dreams and desires. Find out what they need from you to “Set them up for Success” (e.g. skills training, access to information /people, equipment, resources, etc.). Once you know what they require and expect from you, convey your own expectations as to how they can support your success (as aligned to team and organizational goals). Then come to a mutual understanding and agreement moving forward.
5. Recap your meeting of the minds by offering words of affirmation and encouraging open dialogue. Emphasize how this “relationship” is mutually beneficial as it contributes to their development, team efficiencies, and positive outcomes —while supporting each other’s success. Be prepared to make adjustments as you focus on ensuring their needs and production/performance standards are being met.
6. Give people permission to openly share feedback and serve as a thought partner for each other. A healthy culture is one that welcomes feedback as a gift because this leads to a constructive and productive relationships as well as a cohesive working environment.
7. Control what you can control. Your attitude, presence, and energy will always send a powerful message. Be consistent in modeling behaviors that help create collaborative working conditions that best serves your team and organizational culture. Morale increases and people strive to perform at their best when you create relationships that operates on clarity for focused intention while being empowered with purpose.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!” ~ Abraham Lincoln
This process enables and reinforces the Law of Reciprocity. It is perpetual and adjustments are made based on business demands and relational dynamics. While this process is ideally applied during the early stages of a relationship, its application is necessary and can be applied at any stage. Use it to “re-calibrate” or like a reset button, start fresh with pure intentions to support each other’s success in creating more meaningful and productive relationships!

Communication is both art and science. It requires the mastering of many skills like active listening, understanding people’s personality styles, emotional intelligence/competence, social acumen, and verbal and non-verbal communication. As leaders, we are committed to this journey of growth and are lifelong learners.

Discover the Leader within You!

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