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Lara Augusta

Human Development Specialist, Life & Leadership Coach, Embracing Potentiality Owner, In Strides Podcast Creator and Host Lara Augusta is a renowned Human Development Specialist and an accomplished leader in personal and professional enhancement programs. More than a decade ago, Lara transitioned from International Relations to corporate training, leading numerous successful initiatives for top-tier organizations within the biotechnology, insurance, sports, food, hospitality, and entertainment industries, inclusive of the Olympic Movement. Lara’s esteemed credentials are backed by renowned institutions such as Harvard, McGill, Yale, Purdue, and the Institute for Professional Coaching (iPEC). She has expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.), Core Energy Leadership Coaching, Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I), Social-Emotional Learning, and Positive Intelligence (PQ). A Brazilian native, Lara finds her purpose in empowering individuals with the necessary tools and guidance to deepen their self-understanding and enhance their personal and professional relationship dynamics. This process ushers them into a space of greater awareness that cultivates joy and heightened satisfaction in their lives. Utilizing innovative neuroscience and psychology practices, Lara employs +1-908-432-3732

Become the Leader You Would Follow | The Journey to Becoming a Leader You Would Follow

In the dynamic panorama of contemporary leadership, the locus of power has quietly shifted. Today’s influential leaders are no longer distinguished solely by their roles or by the assertive commands they issue from executive suites. Instead, they are individuals who deeply understand themselves, their teams, and the broader context in which they operate. In essence, to become a leader that you, yourself, would respect and follow requires a transformative journey rooted in self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-leadership.

As we stand on the precipice of an evolution in leadership paradigms, it’s crucial to note that the cornerstone of this transformative journey is fundamentally embedded in our self-awareness. A profound understanding of our innate leadership potential reverberates through all dimensions of our existence. Complementing this awareness with a commitment to self-leadership, we become custodians of our destiny, orchestrating our actions and decisions with intentionality and integrity. The emerging scenario thus beckons us to foster personal growth, metamorphosing not only into individuals who inspire and rejuvenate, but more importantly, into leaders who personify an example worth replicating.

Unraveling Self-Awareness: The Need for Understanding

The essence of leadership is inextricably tied to self-awareness, both in our personal lives and within team dynamics. Speaking in the context of personal leadership, self-awareness extends beyond the realm of knowledge; it translates into a deep-rooted understanding of our emotions, strengths, vulnerabilities, values, and beliefs. Here, an intriguing paradox surfaces – the difference between what we desire and what we need. While desires may be fleeting and often externally influenced, needs are fundamental, resonating with our core values and leading to profound fulfillment. Recognizing this dichotomy empowers us to emerge as authentic leaders, making conscious decisions that align with our vision and purpose. By understanding our emotional triggers and responses, we, as self-aware leaders, can manage our emotions more effectively, fostering trust and respect among others.

Self-awareness retains equal relevance in the realm of team leadership. Leaders steeped in self-awareness bring to the table a clear recognition of their competencies and limitations, using this insight to shape decisions that orchestrate teams with complementary skills. The focus pivots from self-centric choices to a more strategic approach aligned with collective needs. As they shed light on their personal biases, they make a conscious effort to incorporate diverse perspectives, promoting an inclusive environment conducive to innovation.

Self-aware leaders breathe life into an environment where team members feel recognized and appreciated. They comprehend the impact of their words and actions on others, perpetually refining their leadership acumen in response to feedback. Their heightened self-awareness empowers them to navigate through conflicts adeptly, fostering an atmosphere of open communication and collaborative problem-solving. Most importantly, they recognize the shared humanity among team members, thereby promoting a culture of empathy, respect, and connection. Through this humane approach, leaders can foster an inclusive and innovative culture, paving the way for shared success.

Amplifying Self-advocacy: The Need to Express

When it comes to effective leadership, self-advocacy emerges as an equally vital counterpart to self-awareness. In personal leadership, it involves expressing our thoughts, ideas, and values assertively, ensuring our needs and goals are met with due respect. Leaders advocating for themselves inspire others to follow suit, setting a potent example.

In team scenarios, encouraging self-advocacy paves the way for an environment where members feel empowered to voice their ideas, concerns, and aspirations. This promotes a culture of open dialogue where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but also cherished for their value. The collective potential of the team is unleashed as members advocate for their contributions, fueling innovation and creativity.

Fostering Self-leadership: The Need to Act

Self-leadership emerges as a critical component of effective leadership, bridging the gap between personal and team dynamics. For individuals, self-leadership demands a steadfast commitment to owning one’s actions, emotions, and choices. This begins with setting meaningful goals, managing time effectively, and cultivating discipline to resist distractions.

In team settings, self-leadership takes on a broader dimension as leaders understand that their behavior sets the tone for the entire team. They lead by example, espousing qualities they wish to see in their team members, fostering a culture of accountability and excellence.

By embracing self-leadership, individuals and team leaders become the architects of their success. They shape their destinies through deliberate choices, serving as sources of inspiration, motivating others to embark on their personal and collective journeys towards growth.

Becoming a Leader: The Need to Evolve

Finally, the journey to leadership is not just about understanding ourselves better but also about evolving into leaders who are needed. It starts with introspection, discovering our inherent capabilities, unrealized potential, and passions. It then leads to understanding our strengths, weaknesses, values, and our ability to influence others. With self-awareness and self-understanding, we gain insights that aid in enhancing our skills and charting a path for personal growth.

The journey to becoming the leader who is necessary is a continuous process of personal growth and self-enhancement. It requires courage, honesty, and an insatiable hunger for continuous learning and development. By intertwining these elements, we can guide our actions and decisions with purpose and integrity, inspiring growth within ourselves and others. As we progress in this journey, we evolve into individuals and leaders who invigorate and inspire, transforming into role models truly worth emulating.

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